Our products are the result of the best raw materials, latest technology, and the tradition and knowledge that characterizes our business. Here, in the heart of Dalarna, we produce exterior panels for people who want to give their houses long-lasting protection, and interior panelling for those who want to give their indoor environment a natural life.

Exterior panels

Better protection and less work – that is why you should choose our treated exterior panels

By selecting Dalapanel’s ground-coated and under-coated panels you will reduce labour costs, get a less expensive end result and a better product. Our painting is done indoors in a modern facility where the wood has the right conditions and we have control over the process. Surveys also show that wood panels with a primer added at the factory have a 30 percent longer lifetime than unpainted panels. As one of the few suppliers to do so, we also offer our customers the possibility to choose between different colour systems.

Interior panelling

We live most of our lives indoors – so we need vibrant rooms that are alive

With interior panelling from Dalapanel, you can take a piece of our beautiful Swedish nature with you inside where it’s warm. Use it for everything from the office to the bedroom. We offer panelling that can give a subtle, elegant and exclusive look, as well as a look that is rural and romantic. By selecting the profile and colour, you can create exactly the type of home that you want.

Dalapanel’s production

We are driven by continuous improvement
In our processing chain, solid professional knowledge is united with modern technology. We have developed our production facility to meet the market’s changing needs. For example, today, we are one of the few suppliers in Sweden that can offer finger-jointed and treated exterior panels up to 7.5 metres long.

The right raw materials create the right conditions
Our raw material comes largely from our own region. Here, the trees do not grow too fast or too slow, but at just the right pace. After around one hundred years they are strong, resilient and ready for harvesting. We then select the best substances with which to produce our interior and exterior panels.

Here, it’s all based on our knowledge of craftsmanship
At Dalapanel, we work in an industry where developments occur rapidly and where new technologies are constantly creating new conditions. At the same time, it is the people behind the equipment that are the ultimate guarantee that the goods that leave the production line meet the quality demands our customers expect. Our extensive experience in manufacturing and finishing both interior and exterior panels, along with our curiosity and our interest in new solutions are what makes our production unique.

Exterior panelling
Interior panelling