Together, we take care of your forest

We at forestry department know the forests here and have extensive experience in managing them. Therefore, you can turn to us for advice and service regarding all matters relating to your forest.

Custom felling

Do you have viewpoints on how your harvest should be performed? Maybe you have a good spot for picking mushrooms that you want to preserve, a special tree that you want to save, or specific requirements on how the thinning should be carried out. As a timber purchaser, we help you to achieve the type of felling that you want. In addition, all our contractors are certified, which allows you to feel extra safe when you engage us.

Forestry plan

Do you have a forest management plan? If not, then it is a good idea to create one. The plan gives you knowledge about how your forest looks and when you need to take actions in the forest. We cooperate with established forest management plan developers. Through us you can choose to have a so-called green plan formulated​​, a must if you would like to certify your forest in the future.

Forest certification

Consumers’ increasing demands on origin labelling that ensure sustainable forestry means that more and more people are choosing to certify their forests. We can help you become certified by both the organizations PEFC and FSC.

Build forest roads

Usually, it is the road that places limitations for when a forest will be harvested. For many, building a forest road is the most economically profitable. If you have good neighbours you can cooperate and build the road together. We can assist you with both planning and implementing road construction.

Financial advisement

How should you allocate what you get in return from the forest? Should the entire sale proceeds be paid directly or should you make a payment plan? We help you take advantage of the tax technical possibilities available with forest accounts, interest distribution, tax allocation reserves, etc. In all these matters, we have the expertise needed to help you with the majority of questions concerning your forestry economics and we can provide expert help when needed.