An action that pays off

Clearing creates growth. By clearing in forests you allow the most valuable trees to grow. It is true that you incur an expense when clearing, but you can be sure that you get a better return in the future. It is an action that pays off.

If a forest is cleared, thinning and felling provide better returns

A forest that is cleared at the right time increases revenue during the rotation period of between SEK 20,000 and 50,000 per hectare. Clearing not only increases the value of the future forest. If performed correctly, clearing is profitable by the initial thinning. A weak tree is just as expensive to manage as a stout tree. The cost for thinning and final felling is therefore much less in a cleared forest. As a rule of thumb, you normally should clear when the main trunks are two to three feet high. Normally, the distance between the trees should be two metres, but may vary depending on soil fertility and the type of trees.

Are you one of those who recognizes the importance of clearing, but for various reasons are unable or want to do it yourself? Contact one of our timber purchasers and we will help you.