We will help you get well paid for your forest

As forest owners, it is important to consider when to harvest your forests. Clearcutting should be done when the forest has finished growing, usually when the trees are between 75-130 years old. But other factors also influence your decision, such as the risk of damage to the forest and your financial situation.

Well-planned and well- executed harvesting

If you harvest too early you will lose the growth of the trees both in terms of quality, quantity and value. If you wait too long, growth is reduced and the risk for damages increases. Therefore, you also risk the value of the forest. Having a forest management plan facilitates your decisions while keeping better track of your forest’s age and condition. Contact us and we will help you with any advice regarding your forestry decisions. When you utilise Sveden Wood, we guarantee a harvest done the way you want: with high-quality work, minimal damage, excellent conservation and proper payment for your forest.

Don’t forget regeneration

It is important that you make sure to use some of the money for regeneration, soil preparation and planting.