We think one step further

Sveden Wood is the origin and the future. It is conviction and adaptation, pride and responsibility. Sveden Trä is a force that unites. A force that is firmly established. In a world looking for short-cuts and quick fixes, Sveden Trä is a promise of something that lasts.

The timber that makes up the backbone of our business were seedlings more than 100 years ago. During a century they have grown and become strong and durable. This is a raw material that has a history, it is our responsibility to give it a future. By refining the opportunity that nature has given us and creating products in both pine and spruce with a value that lasts.

Therefore, we promise not to cut corners or lose our focus, to learn from the past and develop what we have in order to constantly strive to become better and always take responsibility for the products that bear our name. We will never try to find a short-cut and we will always think one step ahead.

Sveden Wood is characterised by:

Modern technology and craftsmanship

 Tradition and history

Pride and responsibility


Sveden Wood is a company that is characterized by tradition and history, where local ties have defined our business. The opportunity to live and work in the heart of Dalarna is a powerful driving force. Here, we start with local raw materials and use our modern technology and craftsmanship to create wood products of the highest quality. We are proud of the district we live in and the company we work for, therefore we also feel a responsibility for the products that the company produces.

If you are looking for a long standing business partner, start by looking at our history.

Everything started in 1934, when several enterprising farmers in Äppelbo, used their joint resources to build up the sawmill company, Rågsveden Ångsåg. The saw becomes the lifeblood of the district and has great significance for the local community. Therefore, it is with horror that the inhabitants of Äppelbo see how the business falters when the majority owner at that time is killed in a sawmill accident just a little over two decades after its inception. In the late 50s, the situation is grim. In recent years ​​major investments had been made but it is found that the company is lacking the leadership it needs. But what looks to be the end will instead mean the start of a whole new era.

The Andersson family takes over in 1959

At this point in time, Aron Andersson was looking for new challenges. He has gotten experience, knowledge and contacts from the family’s own sawmill, and in addition, he is full of confidence and now wants to stand completely on his own two legs. With the help of the municipality of Äppelbo, who see the value in the sawmill ending up with an owner with long-term plans, Aron take over the operation and resumes production. The municipality gets a person with more than enough of the long-term outlook that it was looking for. Since Aron’s purchase of the business and the three generations that have passed, the Andersson family has developed and modernized the sawmill that today is the backbone of Sveden Wood. Where others have given up, the family has given more. By going their own way and living with the philosophy of “look after your staff so they will care about your company,” they have successfully made ​​it through the industry’s ups and downs.

A operation filled with initiatives and investments

A successful sawmill operation is based on a constant flow of improvements, and at the same time, there are crucial investments that made ​​Rågsveden to what it is today. Such an investment is the sawmill’s first planing machine. It marks the start of the high-quality refinement process, which today has become the company’s hallmark. Another strategic effort is creating a forestry company whose task is securing the sawmill’s timber supply. But the really big change, a change that sets the course for the entire operation over a long period of time, is when sons, Per-Erik and Charles Inge, who by this time have taken over responsibility for the company, decide to build a completely new sawmill. The old frame saw is replaced by a new reducing circular sawmill from Ari in1984, and immediately doubled production. 20 years later, this sawmill investment was followed up with a new modern small saw timber line from Veisto, which once again lifts the sawmill’s capacity significantly.

The business expands

Over the years, it is not only the sawmill that is developed. All along, the Anderson family have sought out new opportunities to strengthen their operations. In 1987 they decide to buy the venerable moulding mill, Malungs Listhyvleri, and in this way, DalaList is formed. The acquired business has had profitability problems for a long time, but this does not deter them. Instead, they see an opportunity to expand the company’s refinement processes and to use the knot-free side boards that the mill produces. In the moulding factory’s painting department, the mouldings are soon joined by inner panelling from Rågsveden, a new product that is exported to Denmark. Surface-treatment of the inner panels is successful, which creates the need for new premises. A brand new surface-treatment line is created. In 1993 it is time to take over the premises and equipment from what once was Faluhus production in Vansbro. In this way, the company, Västerdala Träkomponenter was formed. It is currently home to two painting operations. The businesses continue to expand and in 2009 created the joint company name of Sveden Wood is created. This is a tool that is used to jointly approach the market with greater power. In 2012, the business, DalaFloda Flooring is added after a successful bid for the business. Now, Sveden Wood can finally go out on the market and offer a comprehensive range of refined and surface-treated wood products such as mouldings, inner panels, exterior panels and solid wood flooring.

Successes acknowledged

The desire to constantly evolve and the courage to go their own way is something that resulted in much more than a competitive business and a life-giving force for the entire district. Over the years, Sveden Wood has also been acknowledged in a larger context. In 2009, the company was awarded the Triple-A Diamond Diploma for the highest credit rating in the Soliditet’s credit rating system for 20 years in a row. This is an award that places Sveden Wood in an exclusive group, the sole company within the industry and with only 94 other Swedish companies.   Two years later, the company’s CEO, Per-Erik Andersson, was awarded by the industry association, Företagarna, Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden, with the following motivation:

As the first-prize winner in the nationwide contest, Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden in 2011, we select a company that operates in a traditional industry. It is a company that has had extremely positive growth in recent years, and despite several downturns in the business cycle within the industry, there have been developments and investments in the company. The entrepreneur and the owner has made good investments – he has always has the customer’s needs in focus, been environmentally conscious and invested in his personnel. He has also made ​​major contributions to the local region.


Rågsveden Ångsåg starts production

The Andersson family takes over the business

The sawmill gets its first modern planing machine

The company starts a forestry company

A new saw line is constructed with a sawmill in Rågsveden

Dalalist is formed

A totally new, advanced planing mill is built

Västerdala träkomponenter is formed

An additional advanced planing line is built

A new saw line for small diameter timber is built

A new trimmer with camera sorting is built

The company is awarded the Triple A Diamond award by Soliditet

The operations are grouped under the brand, Sveden Wood

The company’s CEO, Per- Erik Andersson, is awarded the title, Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden

DalaFloda Golv is acquired