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SVeden Trä

Sveden Trä is origin and future. It is conviction and adaptation, pride and responsibility. Sveden Trä is a force that unites. A force that anchors. In a world looking for shortcuts and quick fixes, Sveden Trä is a promise of something that lasts. 

We think longer

The logs that form the backbone of our business were seedlings more than 100 years ago. Over a century, they have grown strong and resilient. It is a raw material that comes with a history, and it is our responsibility to give it a future. To refine the opportunity that nature has given us and create products in both pine and spruce with an enduring value.

That's why we promise not to slack off or lose focus, to learn from the past and develop what we have, to constantly strive to be better and to always take responsibility for the products that bear our name. We will never take the short route, we will always think longer.


For us at Sveden Trä , sustainability is always topical. We do what we can for our company, but also for the society we live in. Our certifications are a big part of our sustainability work. They exist to ensure that our products are handled correctly and so that you as a customer can feel safe in our cooperation.

Work with us

At Sveden Trä we see a continued high growth and we continuously recruit new skills. Weare currently about 150 employees, where everyone fulfills an important function for our business. Are you interested in working with us?

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