Rågsvedens såg

Our products are the result of the modern technology and solid industry expertise available at Rågsveden. The sawmill, located in Äppelbo, is the heart of our business. There is a proud history here and an even stronger forward momentum. We have developed our processes over a long period of time and can now quickly adjust our production to meet our customers’ different needs.

Two sawmills

With our two sawmills, we produce about 130,000 m³ of rough products annually, of which about 60 percent are pine products. Timber up to a maximum of 23 cm can be sawn in the modern VEISTO small sawmill line, and larger timber, up to a maximum of 36 cm, can be sawn on the flexible ARI line.

A new boiler, 18 chamber dryers and two tunnel dryers

To produce crack-free wood materials of the highest quality requires knowledge, experience and modern drying technology. In 2012, we invested in a new energy-saving and efficient boiler with a capacity of 10 megawatts. This means that today we can dry the timber down to a moisture level of 8%. Currently we have 18 chamber dryers and two energy-efficient tunnel dryers. The drying process is controlled and monitored in every detail to achieve an optimal result.

Finishing mill with fully automated cutting and sorting

In the high-capacity mill that we put into operation in 2007, the dried timber is cut, sorted and bundled according to customer requirements. Sorting and cutting is done fully automatically with the help of the real-time image and optimization system, BoardMaster, from Finscan. The system takes colour photographs of all sides of the timber, which is then evaluated based on our programmed quality regulations. Here, different customer and refinement qualities are produced parallel with our standard grades.


2 planing machines allow us to have modern and flexible production

We currently have two planing mills, an older planing machine and a new hybrid planer from Waco, model 30XL. The modern planer has a maximum speed of 150 m/min., which gives us efficient production with a high degree of precision. In 2010, we renovated our planing mill premises, and by also investing in camera sorting with a WoodEye 5, we have created one of Sweden’s most modern planing mills. At the same time, we are still using our older planing mill to meet the demand for special planing projects and customized solutions. Among other things, we now offer our customers precise cutting, drip edge and special packaging.

We are very proud of the developments described above, but at the same time, we know that tomorrow it will be history. The key to our success is also that we are constantly looking ahead, that we continue to develop and improve our production of sawn wood products. This is what has made ​​us the trusted and respected supplier we are today.