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 The pine and spruce that has grown in our region, been taken care of by forest owners and further processed in one of our plants is the backbone of our business....

Wood products

Our wood products come from responsible forestry and are sawn, planed and treated in our facilities before reaching your project. 

We also ensure that the by-products of our sawmill process are reused. 

Special production

We know wood. No request is too big or small. Contact us and we will help you with your project.

The moulding is the final detail that makes a room complete. It joins the ceiling, floor and walls into a functional whole. Sometimes the best moulding is the one you don't see, the one that blends in and highlights the other features of the room. Sometimes the best moulding is the dramatic one, the one that stands out and sets the tone for the whole room. You decide which moulding suits you best.

DalaFloda has everything from classic floors to the more modern, a wide range means that there is something for every room and style. The floors are chosen with care and carefully treated, which makes DalaFloda's production of wooden floors a craft. With its modern technology, experience and skill, DalaFloda produces wooden floors of the highest quality.


Owning and managing forests comes with joy and responsibility. We at Sveden Trä want to make it easier for you as a forest owner and are happy to support you in the management of your forest for the best return for both yourself and the environment.

Did you know that

We at Sveden Trä are soon going to launch a unique product on the market? 

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