Treated wood products

Using advanced techniques and sustainable methods, Sveden Trä offers a wide range of treated wood products that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. 


Impregnated wood is wood that has been treated to be more resistant to rot, insects and moisture. It undergoes a process in which the wood is treated with an impregnating agent that penetrates the wood's fibers and protects it from weather, wind and pests.

In pressure impregnation, the wood is placed in a container where an impregnating agent is injected under high pressure. This allows the impregnating agent to penetrate deep into the wood and ensures that it protects even the innermost parts of the wood. 

Impregnated wood is often used outdoors in structures such as garden fences, decks, terraces, cabins and boat decks, where it is necessary to protect the wood from moisture and damage. It is also used in contact with the ground, for example on poles, to extend the lifespan and minimize the risk of rot.

Did you know that you can save time and money while reducing your environmental impact by having your wood products industrially treated? 

Surface treatment

By choosing industrially painted wood products, you save both time and money. When it comes to your facade and other exterior painting, you don't have to worry about cover painting because the wood has a basic protection through the industrial surface treatment. Once you are going to topcoat, you also have the best conditions for the paint to adhere, which also makes it easier for you. 


Acrylate paint is a water-based paint. Acrylic paint is free of strong solvents and has a minimal odor, making it one of the more environmentally friendly options.


Alkyd paint is an oil-based paint that provides a harder and more robust surface. Alkyd paint creates a durable surface that is easy to maintain. 


Sludge paint provides good protection for the underlying wood and is best suited for wood products that have an unplaned surface. Sludge paint allows the wood to breathe and repainting with sludge paint is very easy.   

Certified Painted Panel

Certified painted panel is a variant of treated wood that Sveden Trä offers. This panel has undergone a specific process where the panel has been checked and approved by a third party to meet specific quality and performance standards.

The painting is done with specially adapted paint that is designed to give the panel a beautiful appearance while protecting the wood from weather conditions, UV radiation and other damage. The benefits of this type of panel include easy installation, low maintenance, durability and aesthetically pleasing results.

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