Wood products

Our wood products come from responsible forestry and are sawn, planed and treated at our facilities before reaching your project. We also ensure that the by-products created during our sawmill process are reused.


With our two split saw lines, a modern VEISTO split timber line and an ARI line, we produce about 175,000 m³ of sawn timber annually, of which about 40 percent is pine and 60 percent spruce.


Sveden Trä's planed wood products are manufactured in different qualities and profiles. To ensure the durability and longevity of the products, the products undergo various quality controls before they leave the factory.


As part of the sawmill process, what we call by-products are formed. By-products are the part of the raw material that is mainly not used as wood material.

Treated wood products

Using advanced techniques and sustainable methods, Sveden Trä offers a wide range of treated wood products that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. By choosing industrially treated wood products, you can save time and money while reducing your environmental impact.

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