As part of the sawmill process, what we call by-products are formed. By-products are the part of the raw material that does not become planks and boards.

Bark & sawdust

Bark is mainly used as fuel in our own and external boilers while the sawdust is used for pellet production.  

Sawdust is used as animal bedding, for drainage and firewood, and for research. New research has started to extract chemical products from sawdust.  

Cellulose chips

Cellulose chips come from the outer part (sapwood) of the logs and are used in the cellulose industry to produce paper, paperboard, fluff pulp products and liquid packaging board.

The cellulose chips are sorted into stick chips, which are a cross between cellulose chips and sawdust. Sveden Trä The company also uses it as fuel for its own boiler. 

Cutter and splitter chips

Adjustment and further processing also produces cutter and splitter chips. Cutter chips are used in the pellet industry and as dry bedding for animals. The shavings are very fine and are often mixed with cutter shavings. 

Wood shavings are also used to collect oil and diesel spills due to their absorbent effect. 

Did you know that?

All by-products can be used as covering material and walkways for greenhouses, playgrounds, outdoor stands and more. Our by-products also work well as insulation, for example for snow storage. 


By reusing by-products, we can reduce waste and promote a more sustainable and resource-efficient industry. Want to know more about how we handle our by-products?

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