We manufacture our own moulding profiles from the very beginning. We design and grind the steel that is then used in the planer to shape the quality mouldings that have become our hallmark. The work is done by hand and requires both knowledge and experience. It is also our employees’ high level of expertise and commitment, which means that today, the only boundary for the types of mouldings we can manufacture is our imagination.

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We have a wide range of construction timber in pine and spruce for all types of projects. We also provide services such as stress grading of construction timber, precise cutting and finger-jointing. In addition the products can be processed for the project.

Exterior panels

Exterior panels are made of knotted spruce and may be supplied untreated or surface-treated. The surface-treated exterior panels are painted twice, one primer coat and one secondary coat in colour of choice. We offer colour systems such as alkyd, acrylate or whitewash. The exterior panels are ready for assembly, however, a final top coat should be applied within 12 months. The products can be processed, for example, with precise cutting, and finger-jointing. Finger-jointed and coated external panels up to 7.5 metres is one of our specialities.

Interior panels

We manufacture interior panelling for walls and ceilings. The panels are manufactured in many different profiles, all depending on customer requests and wishes. After planing, the panels are cut and sorted by camera sorting with a WoodEye 5, then bundled or foiled in order to later be packaged by length. The panels can be ordered untreated, white-waxed or painted white.

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Solid wooden floor

A solid wood floor is a treat for both the feet and eyes. Venation, the colours and the warm feeling makes this flooring a natural choice for those who value quality. We offer exclusive wood flooring that is beautiful to look at, both now and in the future – genuine quality flooring from DalaFloda Golv.

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Prejoined tongued and grooved boarding is the most common material used in ceilings and provides a stable underlay. We manufacture tongued and grooved boarding in thicknesses of 20 mm and 23 mm in length up to 4.8 metres. The width is always 530 mm, cover width. Prejoined tongued and grooved boarding can be ordered as customized items with a primed back. It’s easy to use prejoined tongued and grooved boarding and save a lot of time.


After several years of focused development work, we have obtained the experience and technical know-how required to produce finger-jointed, stress graded, construction timber. Our speciality is long, profiled planks up to 12.5 metres. We manufacture dimensions up to 80 * 220 mm. The products can be processed, for example, with precise cutting, drilling, and pressure-treatment. Production takes place under the supervision of SP. We are certified in accordance with Swedish standard C18-C24 and German standard S10.


Our extensive experience in the wood and construction industry and our modern production environment means that we can assist our customers in finding solutions that re adapted to their particular needs. Our roof trusses are CE-approved according to Eurocode 5. Roof truss plans and calculations are formulated by our own accredited roof truss designers in the most advanced CAD systems on the market. Manufacturing takes place in two production lines under the control of SP. We manufacture roof trusses with a width of up to 21 metres.


We have years of experience in producing cost-effective, individually designed, prefabricated houses and components such as wall blocks, roof trusses, joist cassettes, roof cassettes and noise barriers. Manufacturing encompasses everything from residential to industrial, agricultural and educational buildings. We also work with architects, designers and other players in the market. Our flexible and efficient production is based on our employees’ extensive experience in the wood and construction industry.


With our two circular sawmill lines, a modern, small sawtimber line of the brand VEISTO, and an ARI line, we produce about 130,000 m³ of sawn timber annually, of which about 60 percent is pine and 40 percent is spruce. The timber is sawn in dimensions ranging from 32×75 up to 84×225. In addition to the standard range, a large degree of special cuts are also made in customer-adapted dimensions. The standards for side boards are 19 mm and 25 mm, and applies to both pine and spruce. The raw materials mainly come from our local region in the heart of Dalarna. These close-grown trees give us the very best conditions to produce our sawn timber. Certified product according to PEFC TM or FSC® (FSC-C011817) is available upon request.

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