A pine tree could be heard falling through the forest. It fell so that we could stand, against the forces of the weather and the cold of the night. Carefully, patiently and curiously, we explored the tree. In it we saw the possibilities, and made them come true.

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Let your raw material stay where it belongs. With a radius of about 15 miles from the sawmill in Rågsveden, Äppelbo, we buy the timber that forms the basis of Sveden Trä's business. The raw material from the densely populated trees in our area becomes the first link in the chain of the quality characterized by Sveden Trä. By hiring Sveden Trä to manage your forest, you ensure that your raw material makes a difference.

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The pine and spruce that have grown in our region, been taken care of by forest owners and processed in one of our plants form the backbone of our business. 

We think longer

Sveden Trä is origin and future. It is conviction and adaptation, pride and responsibility. Sveden Trä is a force that unites. A force that anchors. In a world looking for shortcuts and quick fixes, Sveden Trä is a promise of something that lasts.

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Trade fairs provide an opportunity to develop relationships with both new and existing customers. At the same time, it also opens the door to presenting products and innovations, as well as


Rågsveden is the heart of Sveden Wood's business. It was in Rågsveden that everything started in 1934 when the first steam saw was put into operation by some enterprising farmers. The saw became the lifeblood of the village and was of great importance to the local community.