Sveden Wood – Massive wooden floors, panels and more.

Sveden Wood is the origin and the future. It is conviction and adaptation, pride and responsibility. Sveden Trä is a force that unites. A force that is firmly established. In a world looking for short-cuts and quick fixes, Sveden Trä is a promise of something that lasts.

The timber that makes up the backbone of our business were seedlings more than 100 years ago. During a century they have grown and become strong and durable. This is a raw material that has a history, it is our responsibility to give it a future. By refining the opportunity that nature has given us and creating products in both pine and spruce with a value that lasts.

Our products are the result of the modern technology and solid industry expertise available at Rågsveden. The sawmill, located in Äppelbo, is the heart of our business. There is a proud history here and an even stronger forward momentum. We have developed our processes over a long period of time and can now quickly adjust our production to meet our customers’ different needs.