DalaFloda offers exclusive wooden floors, which are not only comfortable to walk on but also a pleasure to the eye with their veins and beautiful colors. The floors create a natural & warm feeling in the room.

DalaFloda has everything from classic floors to the more modern, a wide range means that there is something for every room and style. The floors are chosen with care and carefully treated, which makes DalaFloda's production of wooden floors a craft. With its modern technology, experience and skill, DalaFloda produces wooden floors of the highest quality.

Pine floor

HardPine Amber

HardPine Dolomite

HardPine Granite

HardPine Onyx

HardPine Pearl

HardPine Pyrite

HardPine Sand

HardPine Sober

SoftPine Dolomite

SoftPine Not Treated

SoftPine Pearl

SoftPine Sand

Pine parquet

HardPine Amber parquet

HardPine Dolomite parquet

HardPine Granite parquet

HardPine Onyx parquet

HardPine Pearl parquet

HardPine Pyrite parquet

HardPine Sand parquet

HardPine Sober Parquet

SoftPine Dolomite parquet

SoftPine Not Treated Parkett

SoftPine Pearl parquet

SoftPine Sand parquet

Grey floor

HardSpruce Dolomite

HardSpruce Pearl

HardSpruce Sand

SoftSpruce Dolomite

SoftSpruce Not treated

SoftSpruce Pearl

SoftSpruce Sand

Ash flooring

BaronAsh Copper

BaronAsh Tin

NoblesseAsh Copper

NoblesseAsh Onyx

NoblesseAsh Tin

Oak floor

ArtistOak Coffee

ArtistOak Cognac

ArtistOak Dolomite

ArtistOak Honey

ArtistOak Milk

BaronOak Dolomite

BaronOak Honey

BaronOak Milk

NoblesseOak Honey

NoblesseOak Milk

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