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Sveden Trä is origin and future. It is conviction and adaptation, pride and responsibility. Sveden Trä is a force that unites. A force that anchors. In a world looking for shortcuts and quick fixes, Sveden Trä is a promise of something that lasts. 

Sveden trä characterized by

Tradition & History

Professional skills


Sveden Trä is a company characterized by tradition and history, where local roots have shaped the business. The opportunity to live and work in the heart of Dalarna is a strong driving force. Here we start from the local raw material and use our modern technology and professional skills to create wood products of the highest quality. We are proud of the region we live in and the company we work for, so we also feel a responsibility for the products the company produces.

Sveden Trä is now run by

Third generation Andersson

Today Sveden Trä is run by Per-Erik Andersson, grandson of Aron Andersson. His daughter Katharina and son Richard are both active in the company. 

Sveden trä over the years


Rågsveden Steam saw starts its production

It all began in 1934 when a few enterprising farmers in Äppelbo used their collective strength to build Rågsveden Ångsåg. The saw becomes the lifeblood of the village and is of great importance to the local community. During the 1950s, the main owner dies and the future of the sawmill looks bleak.

The Andersson family takes over the business

Aron Andersson is looking for new challenges. With the help of Äppelbo municipality, which sees the value of the sawmill ending up with an owner with long-term plans, Aron can take over the business. 


The sawmill gets its first modern planing mill

A successful saw operation is based on a constant flow of improvements, but there are some crucial investments that have made Rågsveden what it is today. One of these is the investment in the saw's first planer. It marks the start of the fine further processing that has become the company's hallmark today.

The company sets up a forestry company

Another strategic move that has proved crucial is the formation of a forestry company by Sveden Trä to secure the sawmill's timber supply.

New saw line with saw house

Per-Erik and Karl-Inge, who by this time have taken over responsibility for the company, decide to build a completely new saw line. The old frame saw is replaced by a new reduction saw from Ari 1984, and production immediately doubles. 

The formation of the Dalai Lama

It is not only the sawmill that has developed over the years. The Andersson family has always looked for new opportunities to strengthen their business. In 1987, they decided to buy the historic list factory Malungs Listhyvleri and Dalalist was formed.

A brand new advanced planing mill is being built

Västerdala träkomponenter is formed

They also start up a completely new surface treatment line and in 1993 it is time to take over premises and machines from what was once Faluhu's production in Vansbro, thus creating Västerdala Träkomponenter. Today, the company's two painting lines are located there.

Another advanced planing line to be built

New saw line for small timber to be built

The sawmill investment made in 1984 is followed up with a new modern log line from Veisto, again significantly increasing the capacity of the sawmill.

New alignment facility with camera sorting to be built

The activities are gathered under Sveden Trä

The business continues to expand and in 2009 the joint company name Sveden Trä is created as a tool for jointly addressing the market. At the same time, the company is awarded the Triple-A Diamond Diploma for the highest credit rating in the Solidité credit rating system for 20 consecutive years.

DalaFloda Golv is acquired

The business DalaFloda Golv is added after succeeding in making the winning bid for the business. Now Sveden Trä can finally enter the market and offer a comprehensive range of further processed and surface-treated wood products such as moldings, inner panels, outer panels and solid wood floors.

A new measuring station is put into operation

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