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Owning and managing forests comes with joy and responsibility. We at Sveden Trä want to make it easier for you as a forest owner and are happy to support you in the management of your forest for the best return for both yourself and the environment. Here you can read about the services we can help you with. 

Certify your forest

Certification is a voluntary commitment to all the values of the forest and increases your competitiveness in the market.

Economic advice

How should you distribute the proceeds from the forest? Should the entire sale price be paid immediately or should you set up a payment plan? We can help you take advantage of the tax opportunities available with forestry accounts, interest distribution, accrual funds, etc. 

Our forestry services

We at the forestry department know the forest here and have long experience of managing it. So you can turn to us for advice and service on all matters relating to your forest.

Clearing creates growth. By clearing your forest, you transfer growth to the most valuable trees. While there is a cost to clearing, you can be sure of a better return in the future. It is an action that pays off.

The forest works in the same way as the carrot patch. Some is thinned to provide more space for the trees you want to invest in. Without thinning, self thinning occurs and trees die in competition with each other. At the same time, those that survive have less space and grow less than they would in a thinned forest.

As a forest owner, it is important to consider when to harvest the forest. Final felling should take place when the forest has finished growing, usually when the trees are between 60 and over 100 years old. But other factors also influence your decision, such as the risk of damage to the forest and your financial situation.

We often scarify harvested forest areas to facilitate forest regeneration. Exposing the mineral soil allows the seedling to grow in a more nutritious environment.

According to the Forestry Act, you must establish a new forest no later than the third year after the year of felling. Skipping soil preparation and planting almost always means lost time and expensive extra measures.

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