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Planed wood products

Sveden Trä's planed wood products are manufactured in different qualities and profiles. To ensure the durability and longevity of the products, the products undergo various quality controls before leaving the factory. Sveden Trä strives to produce products in a sustainable way and therefore works with various certifications.  

Inner panel

Bastu panel


Slatted board

Brushed corduroy


Track panel

Track panel Brushed

Track panel Fine-sawn

TGV 4019

Timber panel

Outer panel


Double phase

Single phase, Semi-composite

Single phase, tongue and groove

Folded double phase

Folded track panel

Folded groove panel, Straight edge

Phase panel/starboard

Mountain panel/Klink

Ground floor/headboard

Round single-phase panel

Two-track panel

Two-track panel - Straight edge

Hanging board

Vandret Clothing

Construction wood

Danish raw chipboard

Raw board

TG Slätspont

Finger joint

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