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In order to promote a good working environment for our employees and partners, Sveden Trä has set up a whistleblowing channel where it is possible to report irregularities. These can be things that have already happened, are currently happening or are likely to happen.

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Sveden Trä's whistleblower function offers a user-friendly web-based platform to facilitate the reporting of any misconduct. Through the whistleblowing channel, those who wish to whistleblow have the opportunity to submit reports both in writing and orally, or to make an appointment for a physical meeting. The whistleblower is given the opportunity to either remain completely anonymous or choose to share their contact details to facilitate the handling of the case.

Safety and being taken seriously are priority features. The online reporting channel is managed by an internal team that receives incoming cases and conducts an initial assessment of the reports. The whistleblower receives feedback on the handling and outcome of the case, within the limits of what is possible without disclosing sensitive information. If a case is closed, the whistleblower will be informed accordingly.

For those who choose to be anonymous, the whistleblower is required to save login details when creating the case and then log in to the system to receive information about the handling of the case. Thus, Sveden Trä's whistleblower function strives to create a safe and transparent process for those who want to report any irregularities within the organization.

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