Certified Painted Panel

Certified Painted Panel, CMP, is a quality assurance system for industrially coated panel boards. The CMP system ensures high demands on the wood raw material, color, moisture content and the industrial surface treatment process to ensure that the panel boards are optimally adapted to future function. 

Cost & time

CMP-approved panel boards are ready to install and require at most one or two final coats of paint, depending on the coating class used. This saves the client the cost of paint and the time to apply the paint while achieving a better result. Industrial painting protects the wood before installation, which allows for flexibility in the timing of finishing the facade.

The high quality requirements of CMP-approved panel boards extend the maintenance interval of the exterior wooden facade, provided that a correct installation and finishing has been carried out. A reduced number of maintenance operations during the lifetime of the facade is crucial for the overall economy of the investment and something that should be taken into account when choosing a facade material.


CMP approved panel boards are individually labeled to inform what additional work is needed for a complete paint system and facade material. Each panel board is labeled with surface treatment class, certificate number and traceability number to assure the client of correct manufacturing with clear traceability from manufacturing to end customer. 

Environment & quality

The fact that the paint on a wooden facade accounts for a large part of the emissions justifies increased use of industrially painted exterior panel boards as the process optimizes the amount of paint to meet the functional requirements of the product while minimizing waste. By applying paint under optimal industrial conditions, maintenance intervals are extended and the overall climate impact can be further reduced.


The use of CMP-approved panel boards guarantees that the painting is carried out on clean and dry wooden surfaces from timber that has been fine-sawn a maximum of four weeks before painting. During the time between fine-sawing and painting and after painting, the panel boards are stored under cover on five sides, protected from precipitation, sunlight, dirt and soil moisture. The wood raw material for CMP-approved panel boards is of higher quality than ordinary exterior panel boards. 


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