HardPine Dolomite

HardPine Dolomit is a solid, white-toned and brushed pine floor with knots of varying size and structure. The brushing gives the floor a distinct character and makes it harder than it would otherwise be. HardPine Dolomit has been surface treated with Osmo Decor Wax 3111 and Osmo Matt Hard Wax Oil 3062 to get the right finish and durability. This is a floor that is suitable for both tough home environments and public spaces.


The floor is available in the following dimensions: 14×137 mm, 21×137 mm, 25×159 mm, 25×183 mm, 30×183 mm and is delivered in decreasing lengths.

Spill month

During installation there is always some spillage. Therefore, order about 5% more than the actual area of the room.

At DalaFloda Golv we offer both solid wood floors and parquet floors without compromise. Using the finest raw materials and the latest technology, we manufacture floors that withstand the wear and tear of life, are easy to maintain and can be seen, now and in the future.

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