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A solid wood floor is a treat for both the feet and eyes. Venation, the colours and the warm feeling makes this flooring a natural choice for those who value quality. We offer exclusive wood flooring that is beautiful to look at, both now and in the future - genuine quality flooring from DalaFloda Golv.

Flooring that is beautiful to look at

There is only one floor that is perfect; the one you have chosen yourself. When it comes to the look and feel, your personality is the deciding factor. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of products; hardwood floors that run from the classic to the modern. You can find flooring that allows the pine’s natural vibrancy to come alive, floors that take advantage of oak’s classic elegance, and floors that give ash’s exclusive iridescence added lustre. Although the look and feel vary, all our products rest on the same foundation. This is solid wood, carefully chosen and thoroughly treated.

A journey towards continuous improvement

In close cooperation with OSMO, in 2008 we developed one of Scandinavia’s best production facilities for floor treatment. We abandoned lye and oil and instead developed a treatment based on modern hard wax oil. Since then, we have adapted our facility and worked with meticulous controls to ensure our consistently high quality. At the same time, we have continued to constantly develop new, modern and exciting products – beautiful solid wood flooring, as easy to maintain as it is comfortable to walk on.

The best flooring comes from the best trees

Our pine flooring is manufactured from Swedish fully-grown pine from Dalarna and northern Sweden. Here, the trees do not grow too fast or too slow, but at just the right pace. After around one hundred years, they are strong, resilient and ready for harvesting. We then select the best substances from which we produce our floors. The same process applies to the oak and ash we import from Europe.

Production that is characterized by experience

Manufacturing solid wood flooring is a craft with a long history. Within DalaFloda Golv, we have extensive experience with this type of work. Planing, sorting, finishing and packaging are all sensitive operations that require in-depth knowledge in order to achieve a perfect result. Wood is also a living material that you must learn to know before you understand what you can do with it and how to do it. We at DalaFloda Golv feel proud to have these characteristics.

Ash Floor
Oak Floor
Pine Floor

Care instructions

Download our PDF guides for installation and care of your floor.