Moulding is the final detail that makes a room complete. It unifies the ceiling, floor and walls into a functioning whole. Sometimes the best moulding is the kind you do not see, it blends in and brings out the room's other features. Sometimes the best moulding is dramatic, the type that commands attention and sets the tone for the entire room. You always decide which moulding suits you best.

Choose between classic and contemporary profiles

Older environments often have a large element of moulding. Formerly, undulating moulding profiles were used as an indication of wealth and good taste and they had to take a great deal of space near windows, doors, floors and ceilings. In today’s modern interiors, we now work with creating unity and smooth surfaces. In these environments, austere and stylistic moulding acts as connectors between all parts of the room. Both grandiose and discreet mouldings place their own demands. Manufacturing them involves delicate craftsmanship. Therefore, it is with pride that we present our large range of different moulding profiles.

We carry out solid craftsmanship from the beginning

At DalaList, we manufacture our own moulding profiles from the very beginning. We design and grind the steel that is then used in the planer to shape the quality mouldings that have become our hallmark. The work is done by hand and requires both knowledge and experience. It is also our employees’ high level of expertise and commitment, which means that today, the only boundary for the types of mouldings we can manufacture is our imagination.

The best mouldings come from the best trees

We purchase raw materials from all over Sweden, but the deep forests of Dalarna are the backbone of our manufacturing. Here, the trees do not grow too fast or too slow, but at just the right pace. After around one hundred years, they are strong, resilient and ready for harvesting. From the trees that are harvested, we then choose the best sideboards to use in manufacturing our mouldings. The same meticulous process applies to the mouldings in hardwood that bear our signature.

With modern and cost-effective methods, we produce a classic product

We have developed our entire production to be as flexible and customer-adapted as possible. Today, we tailor our deliveries according to our customers’ needs. This applies to everything from profiles to packaging and delivery sequencing. This is something that makes it easy to use our mouldings and reduces the work on-site. We have total control over the entire production flow and can therefore guarantee that the mouldings that leave our facility are of the highest quality. In order to minimize the environmental impact, in addition, our surface treatment finishes are water-based and can be made in any glaze or NCS colour.

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